Our Story

At ClipLabs we go beyond mere compliance testing.  Our team of nationally recognized cannabis scientists, working with state-of-the-art instrumentation, assist our clients in creating the safest and most effective cannabis products on the market.

The Lab

ClipLabs has partnered with Shimadzu in order to outfit our analytical laboraty with state-of-the-art instruments.  Our team has developed proprietary methods ensuring that our clients receive the most accurate analysis of their products.  Our methods also allow consumers the confidence to know that the products they purchase are safe and effective and tested by a laboratory that exceeds the highest standards in the industry.

Our Team:

The Scientists

Our scientists are experts with over 100 years of combined cannabis experience

Cindy Orser, PHD

Cindy Orser, PHD

Chief Science Officer
Matthew Pagenkopp, PHD

Matthew Pagenkopp, PHD

Lab Director
Julio Hernandez

Julio Hernandez

Senior Analytical Chemist
Barry Ford III

Barry Ford III

Microbiology Manager
Patrick Christian

Patrick Christian

Alberto Paos

Albert Paos

analytical lab technician

Our Team:

The Management

Our expert team will help you identify areas for improvement, even when you're passing tests.


Jordan Cohen


Steve Johnson

Director of Operations & Quality Assurance

Maude Glendon

VP of Brand Strategy

Austin Paulus

Account Executive

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